-(中文版本往下滑!) My first-time aesthetic medicine experience! It’s HydraFacial~ After the treatment, my face became really smooth and hydrated. It feels as smooth as a boiled egg. The nasolabial folds and marionette lines actually feel slightly smoothed or lifted! It’s currently the third day and there’s no redness or breakouts! Upon entering the store, the staff thoughtfully provided bottled water. They first took photos for a skin analysis and provided the results. After that, the treatment began! First step: Exfoliation. Second step: Salicylic acid. Third step: Hyaluronic acid. There is no recovery period and it doesn’t sting or cause discomfort! My blackheads are in the bottle after the treatment 🤣. Have you tried any aesthetic medicine? Lmk in the comments down below:) More pics 👉👉👉 Wish you all a lovely day 🌸 - 首次醫美體驗!是海菲秀~ 體驗完臉真的變得很光滑保水 洗完臉之後摸肌膚平滑的感覺就像水煮蛋一樣 法令紋跟木偶紋的部分真的有稍微撫平或提拉的感覺! 目前第三天也沒有泛紅爆痘! 進到門市服務人員有貼心附上罐裝水 會先拍肌膚檢測的照片也提供檢測結果 之後就會開始施作囉! 第一道去角質 第二道水楊酸 第三道玻尿酸 服務人員很溫柔跟細心解說 無恢復期也不會刺痛不舒服! 使用完後瓶子裡面的粉刺都看得見🤣 推薦大家可以去看看👀 謝謝 @hydrafacial.tw @bp_biotech ! 環境照片👉👉👉 歡迎跟我分享你們做過海菲秀嗎? 祝你們有美好的一天🥰 #7月POPO創作者分享

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