懇請大家幫忙投票中🗳️ #寵愛之名遊艇活動

最近入選準備要參加 @forbelovedonetaiwan 主辦的《寵愛遊艇派對》 在懇請大家幫我投投票衝人氣了🥺🙏🏻 ⚠️ 投票網址在我的 IG 限動裡可以找到,會需要登入Google帳號喔~ Hey guys, I’ll be invited to yacht party in July, And before that I might need your help to cheer me up! Would appreciate if you could vote for your favorite girl, which shall be me, Vanessa! Please go to my Instagram story, and find link to vote. ⚠️ You’ll have to log into your Google account to vote. #forbelovedone #寵愛之名 #遊艇活動 #海洋友善 #海洋友善防曬 #6月POPO創作者分享

發布於 2024-06-26,更新於 2024-06-26