-(中文版本往下滑!) The look mainly using @addictionbeauty_official ‘s single eyeshadow 004P private beach & 002P blondy! I use their eyeshadow palette 001 for the base of the look. Eyeshadow steps: - Using ① as the base - Put 004P in the center of the lids - Add ② to deepen up the inner and outer corners - 002P as the under eye fat highlight! These two single eyeshadow shades are more on the mauve side. This is do recommend to pair these with other eyeshadow products for a mauvy look! What single eyeshadow do you use lately? Lmk in the comments down below:) Swatches👉👉👉 Wish you all a lovely day 💘 - 今天分享用Addiction單顆眼影畫的眼妝! 我用的是004P跟002P這兩顆 還有搭配01眼影盤右上打底色跟右下黃綠色 〰️眼影步驟〰️ ①眼影盤打底色打底 ② 004P放在眼皮中間 ③眼影盤的黃綠色加深眼頭眼尾 ④ 002P放在臥蠶! 畫完覺得這兩顆色調跟眼影盤的不太一樣 覺得眼影盤本身自己畫就很美了 這兩顆可以配其他眼影畫粉紫調的眼妝~ 你們近期有喜歡的單顆眼影嗎? 歡迎底下留言跟我分享💝 手部試色👉👉👉 祝你們有美好的一天🌸

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