-(中文版本往下滑!) The outfit for the exhibition is definitely on the elegant and sophisticated side! 〰️ Three-Button Stand Collar Shiny Two-Way Shirt The translucent fabric provides a cooling effect! The overall cut is simple and clean. The fabric also has a textured pattern. The sleeves are not specially cinched. 〰️ Wide Pleated Suit Long Skirt (with belt) Wide pleats in the front and a simple flat back, so no worries about the pleats getting ruined when sitting. I love the length—highly recommended for those who don’t prefer short skirts! What kind of outfit do you wear for exhibitions? Lmk in the comments down below:) Details 👉👉👉 Wish you all a lovely day 🌸 - #ootd_da A25富邦美術館開幕了! 空間漂漂亮亮的✨ 穿去展覽的服裝肯定是優雅知性的路線! 〰️三扣立領光澤兩穿襯衫 透感的布料帶有涼意! 整個剪裁很簡單乾淨 除了自帶光澤感外還有布料的紋理 袖子的部分沒有特別縮口 簡約氣質的必需品! 〰️寬百摺西裝長裙(附皮帶) 正面寬百摺背面是簡單的平面不怕坐下壓壞百摺 皮帶除了可以直接繫之外綁在外面我覺得超好看! 側邊拉鍊之外還有後鬆緊 喜歡長度的部分~不愛短裙的朋朋推薦! @aumudan_ 的風格簡單清新 貼文下方都有價格尺寸顏色直接查看 私訊小盒子就可以匯款超商取貨了! 推薦大家去看看👀 細節照片👉👉👉 謝謝 歐姆蛋! 歡迎跟我分享你們的展覽穿搭~ 祝你們有美好的一天🥰 #6月POPO創作者分享

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