-(English version down below!) 最後一項是我耍蠢但前兩項都很具有參考性! 韓國旅遊分享第四彈-韓國旅遊注意事項⚠️ 1.要去首爾塔 南山塔 的朋友請注意‼️ 我在kkday 購買電子展望台的門票 下面標注「首爾塔5樓取票」 Kkday 附上的「google地圖位置」:1-3 yongsan-dong 2(i)-ga 首尔特别市 龙山区 龙山洞二街 1-3 是錯誤的❌‼️ 是錯誤的❌‼️ 是錯誤的❌‼️ 就是在NAVER map上導航到這個位置於是在深山裡面爬山了⋯ 還好有好心人帶爬 但穿的漂漂亮亮完全不是爬山路線❌ (想看我穿怎樣可以看前一篇reels全白那套) 請大家直接在NAVER map上面搜尋🔍「南山塔」導航! 2.頭皮曬傷🥵 旅遊時間:五月底六月初(夏天) 當地氣溫:預報顯示約15-25度 旅遊長度:四天三夜 整天有大太陽🌞 有風吹過來的時候跟在陰影處是涼的 早晚涼要帶一件薄外套,平時穿短袖 當下沒感覺但回來分線痛一個禮拜🫠 ❗️夏天頭皮頭髮分線也請記得擦防曬❗️ ❗️夏天頭皮頭髮分線也請記得擦防曬❗️ 你們在國外發生過什麼荒謬的事? 底下留言取暖💝 前三篇:保養品帶什麼/景點/化妝包裝什麼 有興趣可以去看看👀 祝你們有美好的一天🌸 - 3 things I never thought would happen in my Seoul trip! Pre-trip precautions for those who will visit South Korea! First. Climbing mountains I bought tickets for the Seoul tower observatory on kkday and it was marked below "Ticket collection on the 5th floor of Seoul Tower". The "google map location" attached by Kkday: 1-3 yongsan-dong 2(i)-ga It's wrong❌‼ ️ It's wrong❌‼ ️ It's wrong❌‼ ️ I navigated to this location on the NAVER map and started hiking in the mountains... Fortunately, there are kind people who help me climb. But wearing nice clothes is not the way to climb mountains at all❌ (If you want to see how I wear it, you can check out the reels all-white outfit in the previous article) Please search for 🔍"Seoul Tower" navigation directly on the NAVER map! Second. Scalp sunburn Travel time: the end of May till early June(summer) Local temperature: Forecast shows about 15-25 degrees Tour length: four days (three nights) The sun is shining all day🌞. When the wind blows, it will be cooler if you stay in the shade. Wear a thin jacket when it’s cold in the morning and evening, and wear short sleeves at ordinary times. I didn’t feel it at the moment but it hurt for a week when I came back. ❗️Please remember to wear sunscreen on your scalp and hair lines in summer❗️ Third. Burned fingers (just me being stupid!) What’s the surprise in your trips? Lmk in the comments down below:) Wish you all a lovely day 💘 #7月POPO創作者分享

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