📍台北 赤鐵 | 大排長龍的廣島燒 🎏

taste: 🤤🤤🤤🤤😶 4/5 environment:🌟🌟🌟◼️◼️ 3/5 — 🎎 a cute retro japanese diner selling hiroshima style okonomiyaki! the diner is tiny, there’s only two tables so there’s a high chance that you’ll need to share a table with other customers. we ordered the tsukimi okonomiyaki and were pleasantly surprised by the mountain of green onion! the portions are quite filling and there’s also shichimi powder for additional flavouring. tip: go earlier during the weekends to avoid queueing! 赤鐵是一家賣廣島燒的日式復古小店。店非常小只有兩桌,所以可能會跟別人併桌。我們點的是月見廣島燒,上面的蔥花量很驚人👀。他們家的料都加的非常多,我們一個人吃一個都吃的很撐。味道不夠的話,旁邊有七味粉可以加!平日可以5-6點去,但假日可能要早一點點那不然要排隊! #POPO帶你吃好料 #台北美食 #美食 #中山美食 #日本美食 #日式料理 #想念日本

發布於 2021-12-18,更新於 2022-10-11